Why PBD?

Why choose Positive Business Development?

Phil Cox with Client

Do you feel your printing or packaging business is underperforming but can’t pinpoint why?

Do you know the challenges you face but need a business action plan to tackle them?

PBD helps you cut through day-to-day complications to take clear and confident steps towards running a more effective and enterprising print/packaging business.

Phil Cox at Positive Business Development provides an honest, no-nonsense, transparent and cost-effective approach to business intelligence, resource planning and MIS.

When you engage PBD to work with your business, you will benefit from:
•    A free, no-obligation initial consultation to identify the specific needs and aims of your business
•    a full, face-to-face appraisal of the different departments, functions and systems within your firm
•    a concise Business Development Plan
•    follow-up ‘health checks’ to ensure results are being achieved against key performance indicators
•    a business that is increasingly streamlined, efficient and profitable
If your think your manufacturing company might benefit from independent business intelligence advice, contact Phil Cox at PBD:

Tel: +44 (0) 1480 400323
Mob: +44 (0) 7973 148515
Email: info@positivebusinessdevelopment.co.uk


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