Are you a Production or Customer Service led Business?

Depending where you sit within an organisation will dictate your instant response to this question, for those at the cutting edge of technology and focused on print and packaging production ‘the end product’ is the goal – so production takes the lead. However those working in sales, operations and after sales are led by a number of factors. Every part of a business is key – but success comes from the whole working together rather than the ‘sum of the parts’.

When I am working with a business I have the fortune, indeed need, to understand the processes across a business, the focus and objectives of each ‘part’ and how those ‘parts’ come together. Often I find a great deal of passion and desire to deliver at each part of the process – equally I will uncover a lack of understanding or focus on delivering the service – customer service across the business.

Print and packaging technology, production process and the right Management Information Systems, may deliver a perfect product – but when the product is dispatched, the value of these areas can fade. Customer service continues the relationship – after sales, reviewing and working in partnership.

Customer Service must lead a business – it is the area that builds the relationships, trust and reputation – this will build the foundations for repeat business.

We have all been a customer, it may have been the innovation; design; functionality; price or availability that led us to choose a brand or supplier – but ultimately it will be the service – the ease of ordering, the delivery and the customer service – good or bad, that we remember.

So, no matter where you sit in an organisation the right answer to the question is ‘Customer Service led’.

The customer is King – as ultimately they rule your order book…

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