Is your management team performing?

It’s important to recruit the right people to your business and we all spend a great deal of time, effort and resources on building a strong team.

But if you’ve ticked all the boxes during the recruitment process, and yet still feel your team is underperforming, then it may be time to review the roles they perform and the positions they are in.

Analysing and rebuilding what people are doing is a big part of my work. Assessing the effectiveness of individuals – and teams – means being able to stand back and set out the objectives of each role, and the various elements of work required to achieve these.

To give an example, a small packaging firm with ambitions to grow recruited a farsighted sales director who kept up with trends in the national retail sector, and set to work picking up new business from larger clients.

The production team was expanded to take care of the increased output demand. In doing this, the production director – respected for being a ‘hands on’ person – spent more time managing, organising and maintaining, to keep on top of the work flow.

Proven process methods continued to be used, with more employees and overtime making up for the increased demand on production. Profits as a percentage of turnover fell, and for all the sales manager’s fine work, the finance manager returned somewhat disappointing figures.

So where were they going wrong?

With an increase in work, it’s tempting to take an ‘all hands to the deck’ approach. But while people are being busy and productive on the day-to-day needs of the business, are they still being innovative and finding ways to improve processes and efficiencies?

Top performing managers work hard on the tasks in hand, while also guiding the future direction of the business. Organisation, management and maintenance needs to go hand-in-hand with innovation, development and strategy. If your managers can’t do both for your business, you need to ask yourself: ‘are they in the right role?’

For more information on management team assessment or a free initial consultation, contact Phil Cox at Positive Business Development.

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