Coaching is an investment opportunity

We live in a changing world in which customer demands constantly advance.

Keeping up with these changes means investing in IT and machinery – and so new equipment, software upgrades and regular servicing should be the norm.

But how much, and how often, do you invest in your staff?

Even the most experienced employees get ‘rusty’ in certain skills areas, and without some form of coaching may become set in their ways and under perform.

Coaching and mentoring can be as simple as sitting down regularly with a member of staff to identify new skills that would help them, and assigning time in their work schedule to learn from a colleague or specialist trainer.

With individual attention, and time set aside to achieve the goals you have agreed, most people will welcome the opportunity to develop within the workplace. This sort of investment doesn’t cost the earth but can pay big dividends to a business.

Most of those who work for you will value the opportunity to advance their career as well as the attention to their personal development that your mentoring offers.

Setting mutually agreed goals – and offering relevant training and rewards to achieve them – is vital to taking a business forward. It helps staff to stay motivated and gives a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

It empowers people to take ownership of their activities, and take extra pride in the work they do.

In turn, all these factors add value and efficiency to the services you offer customers. And what can be better for business growth than happy customers?

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